Ppei Tuner Ppei Tuner2008 gmc 2500hd crew cab slt 4x4 duramax,206,000 miles 3rd owner clean carfax no accidents,heated leather,dvds loaded,has ppei tuner,deleted and exhaust,runs and drives great ,will need tires and brake pads pretty soon ,carfax attached under service logs,driving daily please call with any questio. This calibration was particularly designed for heavy towing. Banks Power Ram-Air Cold-Air Intake System Oiled Filter 04-05 Chevy/GMC 6. Press the ‘OK’ button (in the center of the AutoCal). What's the best Engine Tune. I have PPEI and am happy with them but I haven't heard anything bad about either tuner. Kory Willis on Instagram: "@texplexpark was awesome this …. Leaning towards Chaos as his customer service is awesome. Once that is complete, select "ECU Profiles". I work from home more often now so I do not drive this as much as I used to. The EPA accuses EZ Lynk of encouraging customers to defeat emissions controls with its devices. The exhaust is a 4" input and 5" output. This EFILive Autocal V3 unit is loaded with tunes built by Kory Willis of Power Performance Enterprises Inc. There's lots of options depending on what you want in the end. When creating custom calibrations PPEI takes all driving styles into consideration while designing a sporty drive-ability while maintaining fuel efficiency and improving the overall. Been dealing with the P20EE code as well and it seems my issue is around the Intermediate Injector is clogging the hole it injects into. BUT RPT BUT, the diesel tech knew of a special warranty on these items because of so many problems with them. 7 F350 Tremor "Velocity" Blue Lariat Sport. Im having a hard time justifying doing a delete yet, since Ive had zero issues so far with the emissions stuff. Previous discussions have gotten out of hand, so let's try to make this a useful thread. Willis, pleaded guilty to criminal charges today in federal court in Sacramento, California. Paste the Activation Code and enter the License number from your email. Scroll down to ‘Tuning Tool’ and hit OK. First truck, first Diesel, 1995 Chevy Tahoe 6. Free online guitar tuner from Fender. I was able to Craigslist a local shutter from an earlier Eco for only $80 and a standard front bumper …. Very Good, 2015 Chevy 2500 LML 6. When prompted, replace the stock TCM with the HP Tuners unlocked TCM. Kory Willis is the founder and lead tuner at PPEI. Last EFI LIVE BY KORY WILLIS / PPEI 461RWHP & 865FT/LBS TQ (11-16-13) STOCK FUEL AND TURBO MCC BY COKANE 499. I person do not believe either of them because of the simple fact that more fuel is being burned, creating more particulate cresting more use of the after treatment system. Not shipped and easily tracked as contraband. 7L Powerstroke – PPEI Tuning. We answer the question; Can you increase your MPG tuning a stock truck? We installed an EZ LYNK auto agent 2. Hi all! Just bought a 2006 lbz with 170k miles. Brian229 Discussion starter · Mar 16, 2016. SPADE Tuning -50 State FIVE Tune Pack Only for EFI Live Spade LML (2016). Demand the best for your Powerstroke, a PPEI EZ LYNK for unrivaled performance. I have not seen a change in timing. This sound is the turbocharger actuator and intake air valve being cycled back and forth to help clear soot. It's emissions compliant tuning. That tuner and the parts they list are for the 1. Plug the AutoCal into the truck’s OBDII using supplied cable (if not already connected from Step One above). This 16’ GMC Denali hooked up with EZ-Lynk tuner loaded with PPEI tunes, Flo~Pro Performance Exhaust 5” exhaust and and Airdog pump. It's official the new PPEI Tuning Race Car. Plug the AutoCal into the truck’s OBD II port using the supplied cord. Tune a four-string banjo by deciding what kind of tuning you want to use and then tune each string separately. **PPEI TCM Tuning - We recommend this for all A50 controllers. And the PPEI Package comes with 4 different power tunes with a max +60HP tune. As throttle input and load increases, so does the calculated torque the TCM estimates. 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500 LTZ CCSB Flo Pro 4 inch stainless exhaust, EGR blocked, PCV reroute with resonator delete, PPEI tuning, FASS 150 lift pump. While running the Anarchy tune for most of the time, I’d say there’s probably 30k on their tuning, the fluid has looked great no issues. 7 Cummins TS Performance Stryker Tuning Module | 2017-2021 Ram Cummins 6. Double-clutching was required many, many decades ago before manual transmissions started using fully synchronized gears. Serving The Automotive Industry Since 2009. PPEI Tuning Products At Power Performance Enterprises, Inc (PPEI) by Kory Willis, They strive to bring your diesel truck to it's full potential. When I tried to tune my truck again, I got error code $0533. So, the EPA ban on EGR delete tuning came into effect on September 16/2019, this being said it makes selling tunes with a EGR Delete in the united states Illegal. Gale Banks welcomes Kory Willis, owner of PPEI. Kory, the owner of PPEI, has made himself a household name in the tuning community as the leader in building reliable horsepower to properly tune your diesel. I have updated the tuner, disconnected batteries, charged them fully, to no avail. New and used Music Accessories for sale in Rivergrove on Facebook Marketplace. The tech called GM, because they know they are having issues with it and they just released new Software updates 8/4 to deal with it. The truck is dead, dash lights up and chimes but will not start. H&S Mini Maxx Vs PPEI EzLynk First Thoughts. 4 interest-free installments or from $20. (I already have the delete pipe). So I switched back to their 75 hp tune. I have Higher Power Performance's CSP4 tune by Johnathan and am very pleased. I see most companies offer them. PPEI Tuning">2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3. A 2016 ccsb ltz with 38k miles, once the warranty is up I plan on deleting. Custom tuning with the EFI Live tuner will net you the highest horsepower and torque amongst tuners. Are you the store owner? Login here. The bottom end failures have nothing to due with. I know the Cruze Eco had some unique parts, i am not sure if the 2015-16 model had its own unique part like the 11-14. I have the Diablo Predator on 65HP tune driving between 60 - 70 mph. My truck is fully deleted, and has a PPEI tune. Use the EFI Live explorer to copy your stock tune file from the "read" file in the program to your desktop. Gentlemen, S&S Diesel Motor Sports and Lincoln Diesel Specialties are the only two companies I have been able to find that are making an LML No Tune CP3 Conversion for off-road use only applications (there are others making 50 state emission compliant no tune kits, but not non-emissions kits). PPEI Emissions Compliant Tuning. It has an aggressive Line PSI slope which will model a torque curve 100%. Several have chosen K&N filters for their entered vehicles. I just recently deleted and tuned my truck with PPEI. I went with the 5" Flo Pro without muffler from the downpipe back, and Kory Willis tuning. Tune: Not 100% sure but it is likely a 30-230HP SOTF No Emissions Tune. Ok guys I did a full 5inch exhaust and flashed it with my ppei tuner and my most efficient tune is my sport tune number 4 on my dsp5. 9 and I couldn't find a good write up, so I figured I'd take a crack at it. The truck has a PPEI tuner and FloPro exhaust and deletes. 7L Cummins 68RFE | Transmission Bench Flash Regular price $312. I have had to call on several occasions for help with using their tuner on. I am currently calculating the. Accel 49505 SuperTuner is a simple handheld tuner for your 6. PPEI offers no tune facts besides the power bump. 2017 front suspension adjusting. I like the idea of the truck not sounding. 4 interest-free installments, or from $33. Someone told me the head bolts will stretch running the 100hp setting. I tow a RV between memorial and labor day. Greetings all, first time Duramax owner here. After telling my mechanic I ordered an 2018 Chevy w/Duramax, he said they are having the same problems with those as the LML. This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be reviving an old thread. The third noise is a bearing tick. 2017 Ford F-250 Lariat Platinum Description The truck is in pristine condition. So I'm thinking about removing the stock muffler and either leave it straight piped, but concerned it might be a tad too loud or going with a aftermarket muffler. Trying out the new PPEI EZ LYNK. PPEI Tuning">GMC – PPEI Tuning. Eastern District of California. Spade Jack or EFI Live through PPEI. Kory Willis Court documents released by the U. I ordered all of my parts from alligator performance. PPEI Kory Economy Tune and Heavy Towing?. How to enter for free: Create a ticket here at this link with the support type as Giveaway and the subject title as "2020+ Ford Powerstroke - PPEI Tuning giveaway". Question to 2017 owners is, are there emission issues as. 5-2016 feature the T87, both of which PPEI offers optional tuning for via the EZ LYNK device. May 14, 2018 #19 2015 lml 10-4 I appreciate it, I’ll get ahold of my tuner and the shop that I go to. 6, 135,000 miles, purchased used 2/1/15, EFI Live Autocal by PPEI w/ Kory Willis Tunes, 4" Flo Pro downpipe back w/5" Magnaflow tip, 3" MBRP down pipe, Deviant. Now before I ordered my Efi live auto cal I was looking for reviews for ppei (Kory wills tuning) for the 5. ATS 3099242116 618 Stage 2 Package | 90-93 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD. Sitting in my garage I have a No Limit EGR delete, an aFe intake, and an aFe 5" stainless steel down-pipe back exhaust with muffler. The dealer parts man says I have to have them check it out. bbx Here Log 0001: Maxx Effort tune 0-60mph at wide-open throttle, Log 0002: Economy mild acceleration under load) - Attach the EFILive data log that you pasted to your desktop in step 8 in part 2 above. KORY WILLIS WITH PPEI VS 2015 TUNING DISASTER. 6L LLY Duramax | Allison Transmission Tuning by PPEI $312. 87 hand calculated for full trip. Ok guys I went ahead and bought a 3 inch mbrp downpipe and 5inch full exhaust. PPEI Tuning Aftermarket Injectors | Tuning Upgrade $62. I let it warm up before getting on it. Jan 11, 2021 - ONE OF A KIND CUSTOM LIFTED CHEVY **6 INCH LIFT **BRAND NEW 35”X12. 49 State Legal FIVE Tune Pack Only for EFI Live Spade LML (2013) Rating: As low as $550. Maybe the fluid is bad or you need more. Select File>Open and open the PPEI TCM Tune. Just finished the delete on my 2013 Dmax. Blazing a Different Trail: Upgrading a Titan XD Cummins. Dodge Ford GMC Jeep RAM Automotive Performance Calibration Specialists: Redefine The Limits Of Your Vehicle's Overall Performance Based On Your Specific Needs. That they can email you if you have a AutoCal, V2 providing you have EFI. Ram Cummins 2500 / 3500 Performance Parts & Accessories. We found 50RWHP Gains when running the 35hp Emissions On PPEI Tuned EZ-Lynk on a 2018 6. The 2017 SEMA Show was just chock-a-block with modified trucks. 06 Chevy 2500HD, Duramax LBZ, 6 Speed Allison, Crew Cab Short Bed, 4x4, 185,000 Miles, 5" Magna-Flow Exhaust, EFI Live tuning by "Farmtuned Diesel", Merchant Auto EGR block plate, Edge CTS Insight, B&W gooseneck hitch, 285/75/R16 BFG KO 2 tires, "legal" tint all the way around, AFE cold air intake, Fass 150, XDP fuel filter delete bowl, LED highs low fogs and reverse lights, PPE 6 light on mod. 7L Powerstroke | Engine Tuning by PPEI Regular price $374. 2020+ L5P Duramax T93 TCM Transmission Tuning Instructions. From EZ LYNK, you’ll need their latest Auto Agent 2, the Auto Agent to X3 cable, and EZ LYNK tokens. One shop already has compound turbos on a 2020 F450. Hello everyone, A quick questionI am looking to do an EFI live program on my 2011 2500HD and was curious about the lope /rumble tunes. 7/11 but not the gas station, from 7hp to 11hp with tuning from US! Anyone interested in motorcycle tuning? Tag a friend below that you could outrun with a # …. Now that you’re connected, the app will default to the main dashboard. PPEI and Willis also marketed and sold numerous other devices designed to disable or bypass exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems equipped on diesel pickup trucks, electronic tuning products that manipulated certified stock fueling calibrations, and empty exhaust pipes (a. 200 HP PPEI TUNE on 2012 LML DURAMAX + 5" Straight Pipe. I live in canada, where as far as i understand its still legal to sell/buy EGR delete tunes. Upgrade to CSP x to access EFILive's custom Enhanced Data Acquisition (EDA) logging software with 45-50 pre-selected parameters …. 2016 Laramie CC 6'4", Delmonico Red, MRtuning mm5 stage 2 from EOC, GDE trans tune, External oil cooler, PPE Trans pan, CFT catch can. He has not only proven this through his word of mouth track record, but also through holding two world records. On the GDE tune, the turbo lag is almost non existent, and builds nice power all the way thru the RPM spectrum in all gears. 99 USD PPEI Tuning 2001 - 2016 GM 6. Any recommendations on a aftermarket muffler, something to improve flow a little better? Thanks. Run the codes and I have a SKIM mismatch code. Do NOT connect your AutoCal/V2 until step 2 has been completed and the EFI Live V8 Scan & Tune software has been. It's needed because ez Lynk disabled the SOTF via the app. For pros, though, this is one of the best options in the market. I see that all in truck deals a lot with Danville’s turbos and have seen good things with that company for The LML platform. All power levels are intended and designed for use with your factory engine components. 99 PPEI Tuning 2001 - 2004 GM 6. If you purchased your AutoCal from PPEI - the BBX settings are already set, and you can proceed to #3. 0 with custom tuning from PPEI & Kory Willis will maximize your 2010-2012 Dodge/Ram Cummins 6. First tow with the 60hp emissions. Delete tune and down pipe now available. It allows the tuner to update and optimize the original tune without shipping …. So i decided to just get rid of the EGR and ordered a Profab delete pipe. 2017 Ford F250 Lariat FX4 Platinum. Can't Decide between this two options, Need your opinion :3: :3: Fist Option Fit For 04-10 BMW E60 M5 Carbon Fiber Under Front Bumper Lip Spoiler Splitter Second Option La New 05 10 Dry Carbon Fiber BMW 5 Series E60 E61 M5 K2 Front Lip Spoiler | …. Action: Re-install (or repair-install) the EFILive V8 software, then reprogram the BBx configuration to your FlashScan or AutoCal device using the [F5: BBx]-> [Program] option. 7L Cummins Engine Tuning & Chips. Best tuner for a stock LML. LMLDenaliHD Discussion starter · #14 · Mar 8, 2016. 4 and the TCM tuning was very. Five different tunes increase your engine’s output, from optimum drive to …. GDE and maybe PPEI have EPA legal tunes available if you want to go that route. Starting out as Green Iron, we cut our teeth by working military grade custom fabrications, and over the years we have developed a specialized niche focused on diesel trucks. Step Two: Flashing The Tune File. Ive been running single tunes 0, 50, 100hp for about 2 months and have no problem. Why settle for a digital picture frame when, in the same wall space, you could mount an entirely functional computer/slideshow player/TV tuner? Why settle for a digital picture frame when, in the same wall space, you could mount an entirely. It also allows you to data log your trucks perfo. This truck has been well maintained and includes many upgrades including PPEI Tuner, EGR Delete, and GM Mocha Bronze paint. I just get bored and like to test new options. Brendan67Powerstroke Discussion starter · Sep 26, 2018. What does PPEI’s tuning do for my LB7 Duramax. Went from no diesels last year, to now a 2021 diesel 23hp tractor, CASE 450, and duramax - so jumped all in. Fleece CP3K Conversion Fass Titanium with Beans Sump, Edge CTS2, 5" FloPro, Max Flow Manifolds EFI Live tunes with MotorOps SOTF. Calibrated Power has been doing emissions intact tuning the longest. Truck is extremely clean and never driven in winter or hauled anything. Each tuning option includes 2 VIN Licenses to tune two supported controllers. From vehicle diagnostics, data logging, scanning, and calibration, we cover all the bases with our flagship MPVI3 device and VCM software suite — the only tuning and diagnostics solutions you'll ever need for your OBDII equipped import and domestic vehicles. PPEI Tunes by Kory Willis Support Pack Options. Emission certification requires running the FTP75, HWFEC, US06 and SC03 (AC2) test cycles and all the results must be within regulation limits. On the shop's website, EZ Lynk tuners are listed for. 28 views, 3 likes, 1 loves, 0 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from JayGoods: #fridaythings !!!!!. 99 USD Regular price Sale price $374. Installing The Engine Calibration. US Government Sues Diesel Truck Tuner EZ Lynk Over. They have been motivated to better your truck and ourselves for 5 years, and will continue to offer our highest quality tuning, support, and service to their customers. Many American tuners have stopped doing emission delete tuning. I say almost because I get an intermittent P2227 code. 5inch lift 35's ,Mbrp 4 inch exhaust no cat, k&n cai, industrial injection 100hp injectors. , “straight pipes”) designed to remove emissions aftertreatment. Just to give everyone an update on my thread and the tuning options there are a few for e46 lm2 and transmission as well. EZ LYNK Auto Agent 3 by Kory Willis of PPEI 13-18 Ram 6. Plus, other aftermarket companies can provide their own tunes that can be applied through EZ Lynk’s tuner. Offering you a one stop shop with complete in house services, beginning with various grades of steel and a variety of metals. 0 in a stock 2019 RAM 3500 with a 6. I am running their 2020 L5P EC tuning in my rig and the truck runs amazing. PPEI – PPEI Tuning">L5P E41 ECM Unlock Service by PPEI – PPEI Tuning. PLEASE try to educate yourself and search for your answer before asking a question. AFE Scorcher HD Module 17-19 Ford 6. RegasAz · #13 · Jun 18, 2008 (Edited) Just completed a 400 mile round trip to Flagstaff last week-end and averaged 21. Used 2007 Dodge Ram Cummins for sale in Yolo, CA. Home Shop by Department Performance Electronics PPEI Tuning EFILive Tuning. PPEI refers to this as the “baseline,” in this case, for the LML Duramax, we measured 337-wheel hp and 686-wheel tq. Try the other tuning and see if you notice any difference. My reason for deleting and tuning is …. Since then the truck has been almost trouble free. The Auto Agent is a tuning device with limitless possibilities. PPEI ez lynk emissions on tune. PPEI ENGINE TUNING FOR 2020-2022 GM 3. You may also wish to data log your diesel …. 2016 GMC Sierra Denali 2500 4x4 - 12 inch Cognito Lift Kit ( some parts of Lift painted white to match truck ) - 24x12 Fuel Wheels wrapped in Nitto Trail Grappler tires 38's - 5% tint on all windows & 35% tint on windshield - Custom painted Grille & Tow Mirrors - Rapid Drop Hitch with key locks - Horn Blasters Train Horns ( black ) - Dual 5 inch Flo-Pro exhaust ( …. I have a 2012 Lml with in around 37,000 on it. You have to unlock the computer, then load the tune. 7L; Dales Super Store Item #: PPEI-C18-EC. Last night after installing the switch and loading the SOTF 30-180 file. This tune will program your factory/emissions compliant Powerstroke with Shift On The Fly power levels consisting of +15HP, +30HP, +60HP, +100HP, and +150HP. First post, but spent hours on here reading great stuff! Narrowing down a tuner that fits my . 0, BDS dual steering stabilizer, Method Racing Wheels, EFILive by PPEI, Fleece Performance VGT. 2007-2010 GM Duramax LBZ/LMM Tunes. We tune a stock 5th GEN RAM 3500. In some cases like the 2015 and newer 6. And yes annoying to the driver. If you have any questions please let me know. The new custom tuning from PPEI & Kory Willis will maximize your 2011-2019 Ford Powerstroke 6. PPEI Tuning">Contact – PPEI Tuning. 7L Powerstroke with Dirty Diesel Customs. Jump to Latest Follow 1378 Views 0 Replies 1 Participant Last post by churchy13, Mar 27, 2019. 7L Powerstroke | Engine Tuning by PPEI 4. Ppei tune vs edge pulsar L5P. Tuners For LBZ Duramax You Should Consider Getting">5 Best Tuners For LBZ Duramax You Should Consider Getting. The Fusion front bumper was modified by Sparks and fitted with two Monster Hooks, eight KC Hilites Flex Cube LED pods and a 12,000-pound winch. 6L Duramax 2500HD / 3500HD Cognito 3" Performance Leveling Kit w/ Fox 2. 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Diesel- PPEI 40hp Tune, custom DPF delete pipe, BANKS exhaust, water-meth injection. Kory Willis, owner of PPEI, is well known for developing tuning that truly delivers usable power. I wanted to see if it was worth tuning a stock truck or should we just wait until the warranty runs out and delete the emissions off of the …. New and used Touch Screen Radios for sale in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma on Facebook Marketplace. 2012 3500 drw 4x4 Laramie HO 68rfe CTS for guages,Anarchy EFI with trans tune,with a knob, COMMUNIST emissions on strike, 4" Proflow,, homemade air filter bug guard,custom rock guard behind grill , ccv delete,B&W hide a ball,,150 k of towing and climbing : Please Remember to support those who have sacrificed: Reply. The new and updated EZ Lynk AutoAgent™ 2. The local guys say that they can’t flash the TCM without flashing the ECM. I'm really giving some thought to getting a tuner for my 15 Outdoorsman. Sold 2021 LM2 Sierra 4x4 crew 6. Tuners are responsible for supporting customers to whom they have provided AutoCal devices. Thanks Josh New Hampshire 03-27-2019 #2. I never towed with the PPEI tune. From vehicle diagnostics, data logging, …. L5p Delete Tuning Ppei, HP Tuners 17-22 GM 2500 3500HD Duramax L5P HP Tuners New E41 ECM Upgrade Kit ECM-00-L5P-K, PPEI Tuned L5P meeting a subscriber!. But the throttle response and fuel mileage is way better, and assumably the strain on the head gasket due to not trying to push a turbo that is set at 60% open at max boost and rpm, versus one that is wide open. #1 For Sales & Classifieds ®️ on Instagram: " …. Add tuning options to your FlashScan V3 to include calibration flashing to fit your application. I am thinking about purchasing PPEI emission on tunes with the ez lynk for my 2016. So in just the first 4 or so hours of using Ez Lynk with PPEI tunes heres my comparison. Been toying with getting an L5P to replace my LB7 so I pulled the trigger and ordered one about a week or so agoorder has been accepted and I have a. New and used Music Accessories for sale in Parrish, Florida on Facebook Marketplace. more like, what happens when you unlock your ECM, and you load your tune with the auto cal. 5 bed - iridium metallic - Aug 17, 2015. 0L Duramax Engine Tuning with PPEI’s T93 Transmission Tuning for the ultimate performance package. Cold Air Intakes (2006 - 200 LBZ) Automotive Performance Calibration Specialists: Redefine The Limits Of Your Vehicle's Overall Performance Based On Your Specific Needs. The grille, steps (optional), and tip are RollingBigPower. 5 RC lift with RC res shocks 26x14 Amani forged wheels with new tires Nathan air chime train horns/air chuck on tank Fass 165 lift pump K&N cold air Starlight headliner Fifth wheel or gooseneck …. just wanted to inform my ecodiesel brethren that PPEI just came out with a way to give you their 20, 40, and 60 hp tunes all at once, and a selector switch that allows you to change on the fly, so you don’t have to make the decision of too little or too much power! This seems to be a major step in the ecodiesel world as far as tuning goes, and …. Then scroll down to ‘Switch Tunes’ and hit OK. Unleash the potential of your Duramax with the powerful, safe, and reliable FlashPaq F5 from Superchips Edge 98202 Back-Up Camera for CTS/CTS2 Monitors EDG-98202 5. Homeless Junkie · #8 · May 22, 2017. He advances timing to far creating potential havoc down the road. Edge 98202 Back-Up Camera for CTS/CTS2 Monitors $ 233. 2014 Ram 4500 Cab and Chassis 4 Door 4x4 60 CA. 6L diesel with cloud based tuning and provide complete control at your fingertips through the AutoAgent™ mobile app available for Android and iOS. The A50 and T87 Allison both follow a pre-determined torque model in which all factory LML Duramax's follow. Navbar Tuner Unlocks a Hidden Nav Bar Customizer In Android Nougat for Some Nexuses. Green Diesel’s ECU tuning for the Ram 3. Welcome to Help Desk Search our knowledge base or submit a ticket. PPEI LML A50/T87 Transmission Tuning (TCM). 2004 GMC Sierra 3500 C&C, added 4WD, 6. My truck is pretty much only used to pull a camper and . DiabloSport Trinity 2 EX In-Cabin Tuner. 7RWHP & 895FT/LBS TQ STOCK FUEL AND TURBO …. - Try searching for an item that is less specific. Calibrated Power, home of DuramaxTuner can help your truck do more! We have Custom-Tuning, Stealth Turbos, and/or other upgrades available for your Duramax, Cummins, Power Stroke, EcoBoost, Roxor, Class A Diesel Pusher, HD Trucks, Tractors. EFI Live: The Best Tuning Solution. The two gearheads also discuss the future of automotive …. 2012 crew cab duramax h&s mini max,fass lift pump,light weight exaust!!! Reply. Extend your L5P Duramax's transmission's life and increase your fuel economy with PPEI's T93 Transmission tuning! A MUST for tuned trucks with additional . AEV Ram ProCal SNAP Module 19-22 Ram 2500 / 3500 $225. I have had to call on several occasions for help with using …. Turn an Old Laptop into a Wall. Limited Support With LIMITED Support you will now get access to the PPEI tuning library (minus Cummins and Dmax trans tuning unless specifically ordered with it) for. They say it would be on all 5 or 6 tunes in the autocal, if you choose to add it. Also have gotten mixed messages as to what the power levels are for the LML level 1 stock. If you’re looking for a compact and well-rounded tuner, this is it. PPEI was my first tuner, great tunes and excellent customer service. 5 box, 2018 L5P Sierra 4x4 SB, 2011 LML Sierra 4x4 CCSB, 2010 LMM, 2004. First tow with the 60hp emissions present PPEI tune! It does amazing! Facebook. The flashing process will now begin and will progress to 100%. Deleting and tuning an Ecodiesel dodge ram 1500 is essential in that it increases the truck’s performance, reduces the fuel economy, and makes the truck more reliable. - Try searching for an item that is. AirMouse® Ambient Air Density Module. I’m a noob really but where is the IAT3 sensor located on the engine. Find great deals and sell your items for free. I haven’t seen or heard to much about ppei on how there tuning would be with the aftermarket turbo and cp3 on. Review your vehicle's data and performance tests with SCT’s free software, …. Leveled with Bilstein 5100s and Cognito Shock Extensions. He makes an incredible stainless exhaust and matching egr delete kit. PPEI Tune 4" Exhaust w 7" Tip DEF & EGR delete Bulletproof 12" lift (Dual shocks for heavy weight loads) LRG Rims LRG103 Sandman 22x14 (pics don't show caps but I have them) Toyo MT Open Country 40/15. Check out PPEI or Duramaxtuner. 99 USD Regular price Sale price $249. I wonder if the exhaust will from a 15' will fit a 17'. Banks Power Derringer Tuner 2020-2021 LM2 3. We enabled some logic from the Chrysler SRT vehicles. EFILive Transmission Tuning Upgrade. In the pop-up window, begin at the top, with Bootblock, and update each section that is out of date, by clicking on the Update button beside it. Edge EZX Tuning Module 19-23 Ram 2500/3500 6. Needs 2 sensors, $800 each and labor brings it to about 3K. Hunter1011 Discussion starter · May 24, 2018. Automotive Performance Calibration Specialists: Redefine The Limits Of Your Vehicle's Overall Performance Based On Your Specific Needs. Spend the outrageous price PPEI charges for TCM tuning if you get talked into this, but I wouldn't. Configure Item See Details Ram 6. I’ve had several emissions compliant tunes on my truck. garrett41 Lifetime Premium · #4 · Apr 30, 2014. Extend your transmission life and increase your fuel economy with PPEI Transmission tuning! A MUST for tuned trucks with additional torque or the daily heavy hauler. But I've talked to a few ppl around me and they said I need efi live v2, autocal,dsp5, and a. HD Dmax Machine · #3 · Jul 18, 2015. P: +64 (9) 534 1188 [technical support is not available by phone] Quick …. When you’re wanting custom calibrations for your Can-Am, you’ll need a few different things. Felt like the transmission was going to grenade itself at times.